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For more than a century, AAA has worked to foster a safe environment for travelers through education, research and advocacy. Since its founding, AAA has been a leader in developing and supporting educational and safety programs for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists and children. So it’s appropriate that AAA enters its second century of public service by focusing on the nation’s most precious commodity: our children.

AAA’s Seated, Safe and Secure campaign aims to raise awareness of child passenger safety and strengthen occupant protection laws for everyone under the age of 18. AAA believes that closing the loopholes in existing state laws and educating the public about the proper use of safety seats and restraints for all children are essential to preventing child passenger injuries and deaths. Studies have shown that neither of these “fixes,” when used independently of the other is as successful as a combination of the two.


Jennifer Ryan AAAJennifer Ryan: Bio

Director, State Relations

Expertise: child passenger safety; car seats and booster seats; child passenger safety laws, distracted driving, teen driver safety, graduated drivers licensing (GDL), state policy, automated enforcement (including traffic cameras)

Jennifer in action:

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