Step 4: Seat Belts

When a child can sit with his or her back straight against the vehicle seat back cushion and knees bent over the seat edge without slouching, it is time to switch to an adult safety belt.

FAQ: When is my child ready for a seat belt?

FAQ: When can I put my child in the front seat?


Seat Belt Wrong Versus Right


Seat Belt Tips:

  • The lap belt should fit the child low across the hips and thighs, not across the abdomen.
  • The shoulder belt fits across the collarbone and chest. It should not cut into a child’s abdomen or neck.
  • Children under age 13 should be properly restrained in the back seat.
  • Teenagers should wear lap and shoulder belts in every seating position in a motor vehicle.
  • ALWAYS require safety belt use for all passengers.